As my internship at Aurora Cooperative kicked off this summer I was filled with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming months of learning and experience to come. As my week of orientation began I realized that Aurora Cooperative was going to be different from what I initially expected as I assumed my place would be…

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Although it’s really only been about a week and a half here with Aurora Cooperative, I’m finding that there is already a ton that I’ve learned and seen. This summer I will be interning out of the York, Nebraska location working primarily as an agronomy intern, but will also gain some exposure on the sales…

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The following information is communication from Allison Rivera, Executive Director of Government Affairs at National Cattlemen’s Beef Association in Washington, D.C. Since Congress did not pass an extension of the current Farm Bill when it expired at midnight on September 30th, some programs have expired and/or run out of funding. EQIP was funded through 2019…

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Trade agreements have been made! President Trump has a trip to Iowa planned for next week to announce lifting the summer ban on E15. I just had to start this update with GOOD NEWS. There is not one person involved in agriculture that doesn’t understand the importance of exports bringing value to what we produce.…

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Dawn Caldwell


Have you ever had such a bad hail storm that it totaled your crop? On June 30, a large storm ripped through Nebraska, hitting close to the area I did my summer internship. I did my internship out of the Keene location but visited the Loomis area after the storm came through to evaluate the…

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I have been doing business with Dale Bittner in Norfolk for the past 20 years. I believe my relationship with Dale is a very good and positive one. I know I can call him up to get things done in a timely manner. The first few years I farmed we didn’t get to involved with…

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his summer I am doing the majority of my internship at the Minden location, but I also spend time once a week down at our Franklin location. One of the best things about this internship is that every day is different. There are never two days that are the same, largely due to weather circumstances…

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I started loading spray planes when I was 12 years old. My parents had our family business until we sold it to Aurora Cooperative. I started working here as a young kid doing every job possible and now things come naturally to me. I have been working with the same group of people for many…

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We have been working with Aurora Cooperative for as long as I can remember and within the Yield Advantage program for a while now. We have been pretty happy with the way everything has gone in our partnership. We work alongside Aurora Cooperative all growing season, so when they began doing aerial out of Aurora,…

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