Agronomy Team

Agronomy Team

Kenton Schegg

Vice President of Agronomy

Jason Throener

Director of Procurement

Danielle Scheele

Director of Specialty Products and Research

Stephanie Shuler

Asst. Director of Specialty Products and Research

Brandon Hamer

Precision Ag Product Manager

Josh Floth

Precision Ag Data Analyst

Garret Johns

Precision Ag Specialist

Dan Karr

Fertilizer Product Manager

Alan Perry

Seed Product Manager

Clarence Vernon

Crop Protection Product Manager

Wayne Griffith

Agronomy Logistics Coordinator

Todd Nitsch

Central Area Manager

Calvin Rupe

Central Area Assistant Manager

John Stone

Eastern Area Manager

CJ Rust

Eastern Area Assistant Manager

Cass Corman

Western Area Manager

Ricky Sollis

Texas Agronomy Area Manager

Justin Ranek

South Dakota Area Manager