2021 SUMMER INTERNS: Lucas Edmundson

Aurora Cooperative 2 years ago

My name is LUCAS EDMUNDSON, and I am a Safety & Risk Management Intern working out of the office here in Aurora. I just recently graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Community Health & Wellness. 

Coming from a suburban part of Nebraska, I don’t have much of an agricultural background. However, this industry has always had my interest and I am happy that I have the privilege of working for the co-op this summer. 

Throughout my time here in Aurora this summer, I have performed a variety of tasks working with members from each of the divisions. One of the many things I have been doing this summer is going to different locations with Shane Kluck and Jim Holliday and conducting safety audits. These consist of meeting with location managers and walking around the location, ensuring that each facility is in compliance with company and OSHA regulations. Employee health and safety is our number one priority and conducting these audits allows us to see what is working for us and what needs to be adjusted. 

A project I recently completed involved traveling to sixteen different agronomy locations and performing Anhydrous Ammonia Inspections. My primary duty was to inspect the entire surrounding area, ensuring that there were no leaks coming from the hoses, valves, or tanks. During this time, I met with many different location managers and learned a lot about the toxic chemical during the process. Anhydrous Ammonia is utilized as a fertilizer but needs to be properly controlled because it can be extremely hazardous. This project turned out to be a success and taught me different ways to productively cooperate with other employees. 

In the eight weeks I have been here, I have learned a lot about the ins and outs of a cooperative, as well as how different divisions of the company are managed and controlled. Working with the safety team has allowed me to adapt new skills and acquire new, useful safety knowledge. 

One of the cool things about this internship is that every day is different. Each day I meet new people, see new things, and perform new tasks. The connections I have made here have taught me a ton about how to interact with people from different backgrounds. Moving forward, my goal for the rest of the summer is to continue making these connections and to take in as much new information as possible throughout my time here. I am excited to see what else the rest of the summer has to offer!