2021 SUMMER INTERNS: Weston Frank

Aurora Cooperative 3 years ago

My name is WESTON FRANK, and I am interning at the Tyndall, SD location as an agronomy intern. I will be beginning my senior year as an agronomy major at South Dakota State University this fall, and I will graduate next spring. My internship with Aurora Coop this summer is my first internship that I have done. It has been an amazing opportunity to take what I’ve learned from my farming background and expand that knowledge all while meeting new people along the way. It has given me a new perspective on agriculture being able to see both sides of it.

Since beginning my internship, I have been tasked with a wide variety of jobs. I have taken part in taking tissue samples and soil samples to make fertilizer recommendations and scouted for weed and insect pressure to help create chemical recommendations. I was also given the opportunity to run the fertilizer spreader for a large chunk of the top-dressed acres. In doing this I have gained a lot of appreciation for the work coops do for the farmers. As a farmer myself I know that waiting for your fields to be sprayed/fertilized can be frustrating, but now I know that the coop wants it done as bad as the farmer.

So far this summer I have enjoyed talking and meeting with a variety of growers whether it is on the farm or if they come in the ask a question or pick up chemical. I have learned that every grower runs their operation a little different than the next guy and it is always great to learn something new from them or even teach them something.

My goal for the summer is to learn everything I can while I can and soak in all the knowledge of the people with tons of experience in the field. I want to be able to help the growers better their yields whether it be through my scouting, recommendations, or through the application itself and make this a great crop year.