2022 SUMMER INTERNS: Adrienne North

Aurora Cooperative 1 year ago

Hello everyone, my name is Adrienne North and I am the animal nutrition intern based out of the Bertrand location working with Phil Robles. I just finished my sophomore year at Southeast Community College in Beatrice. I will graduate in December with an associate degree in Livestock Management and Production. While at school I was a part of the SCC Ag club where we hosted many events to involve students and the community with opportunities to learn about agriculture. I grew up on a farm outside of Arapahoe, Nebraska. My family ran a cow-calf operation and as I got older, I became more and more involved with every part of the operation.

I’ve always had a passion for agriculture I grew up surrounded by it but I’ve always been drawn to working with livestock. I was involved in FFA and 4-H growing up and took every opportunity to be involved with livestock whenever I got the chance, from showing multiple different species to taking every class that involved livestock that my school offered.

As passionate about livestock as I was, I was never sure what area of the livestock industry I wanted to pursue as a career. That’s why my internship with the co-op has been perfect, as I get to see many different types of operations as well as learn more about the feed industry. Feed sales is an environment where I’m constantly learning new things and skills every day.

Throughout my internship, I’ve spent lots of time learning from Phil, my mentor. Having a mentor with 35 years experience in the industry has been such a blessing and I learn something new every day. I’ve had opportunities to make rations, deliver feed to several different operations, learn about different feed products, and how meaningful customer relationships are among many other things. I’ve gotten to go out on solo missions to deliver feed, talk to producers about their operations, and interview them for my research project.

Every day is something new and I am constantly learning. Phil covers such a large territory that we are constantly on the road to check on producers and deliver them the things they need. There are plenty of different operations to learn about from making rations to feed anything from deer to fish to cow-calf operations and feedlots.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given through this internship. I’ve met so many new people and would like to thank Phil for taking me on as an intern and putting up with my countless questions. I would also like to thank the agronomy and energy team at the Bertrand location for always being willing to help me load and unload feed. I’m so excited for the rest of summer and everything else I will learn.

Adrienne North