2022 SUMMER INTERNS: Josh Sagehorn

Aurora Cooperative 2 years ago

Hello everyone, my name is Josh Sagehorn and I am the Agronomy Sales intern based out of the Clarks location, working underneath Adam Beck. I will be a junior at Northwest Missouri State in Maryville, Missouri, where I am majoring in Agronomy with a minor in Marketing. At Northwest, I am a part of the executive leadership team for Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. Taking the skills from that position paired with what knowledge I already hold and will continue to learn at my internship with Aurora, I believe I will be better prepared to enter the workforce when I graduate.

I grew up in the town of Seward, Nebraska. Not on the farm but surrounded by agriculture. My family’s farm is located outside of Hooper, NE where I spent countless harvests and spring planting seasons soaking up as much information as I could. Agriculture has always been a part of my life so for me it was an easy choice when picking a major for school, as well as what I wanted to do after I graduate and enter the workforce. However, I didn’t quite know what area of agriculture I would fall into and want to do. Through school and the first half of this internship, I’ve slowly started to find my place in Agronomy Sales.

Once I reached my location it was all-hands-on-deck. With Clarks being a smaller location there was no time to stop and breathe, which to me is an environment I enjoy and find myself learning most. The most exciting thing that’s happened to me so far during my internship was the day Adam took me into his office and we began to brainstorm my end-of-summer project. We settled on a sales strategy where I was going to start with a farmer who has had no prior business with the coop, with a goal to show the progressions from the start date to hopefully the sale date.

The most interesting thing I’ve learned being in Clarks is the diversity of soil types and their effect on an area. From PH to parent material and soil makeup, the wide variety of ranges and constant challenges that this area faces are constantly keeping me on my toes in figuring out solutions. It’s been such a great learning experience and it’s only been 6 weeks. I am most looking forward to hopefully completing a sale and being able to help a farmer out on my own. I am also looking forward to getting that hands-on learning experience, as well as constantly learning new sales tactics and creating new contacts. I can’t wait to see what the future of this summer holds.

Josh Sagehorn