2022 SUMMER INTERNS: Sophia Fahleson

Aurora Cooperative 2 years ago

Hi! I’m Sophia Fahleson and I am currently working as the Marketing and Communications Intern in the main office, located in Aurora, NE. This fall, I’ll be going into my senior year at the University of Wyoming, majoring in Agricultural Communications and minoring in both Public Relations and Marketing, with plans to graduate in Spring of 2023. As I round out my time as a college student, I oftentimes think back to all the incredible experiences I have had in the work force, whether it be through internships or jobs, and my time at Aurora Cooperative has been nothing short of incredible!

Although I’m only on the first stretch of my internship, I have learned so much and had the opportunity to experience facets of all the divisions that Aurora Coop has to offer. Whether it be touring the Ethanol plant, sitting in on Animal Nutrition Meetings, kickstarting a summer-long social media campaign for the energy division or attending the annual Field Focus seed training, all of these have been beneficial to my learning.

I come from a bit of an untraditional ag background. Growing up in the middle of Lincoln, NE, I did not know anything about the sheer size and impact of agriculture until 2014, when we bought our first heifer. From then, we slowly grew our herd, and my family began showing livestock. I immediately fell in love with the industry and was constantly looking to learn more, whether it be from producers in the area or various programs and workshops I attended throughout high school. It was just before my senior year of high school that I set my mind to majoring in Ag Communications, and shortly after, I committed to attend the University of Wyoming. Since then, it has been a roller-coaster of opportunities, with one of the most valuable being my internship with Aurora Cooperative.

The extensive scale on which the Aurora Coop operates was something I did not know prior to my first day and all the information given to us was shocking to me, as someone who did not grow up with hands-on agriculture experience. However, I dove in head-first, taking in as much knowledge as I could and attempting to find a division or project that piqued my curiosity and interest, once again allowing me to continue to learn and grow.

During my first week, I was given the task of taking over the Prairie Valley social media accounts and keeping them active throughout the summer. The realm of seed, seed sales, and the extensive number of hybrids out there is new information to me, but I have been learning beyond the farm basics that every ag major learns while in school. The approach I hope to take in taking over the various social media accounts and marketing Prairie Valley is a simple one. An approach where the main audience is current and potential customers, but a secondary audience of folks like me, who want to learn and understand more about seed.

I’m excited for the journey ahead and hope to make the most out of my time here, learning and taking in knowledge from the people around me and the owners who make Aurora Cooperative what it is!

Sophia Fahleson