2023 Summer Intern: Josh Sagehorn

Aurora Cooperative 3 months ago

Hello everyone, my name is Josh Sagehorn, I am an agronomy sales intern based out of Bertrand, NE. I am currently attending Northwest Missouri State, where I am going into my senior year. I am majoring in agronomy with hopes of finishing my minor in marketing as well. This is my second summer interning with Aurora Cooperative. Last summer I was in Clarks, Nebraska doing agronomy sales as well. I grew up in Seward, NE where I spent almost all my time playing sports. Football, basketball, and lacrosse sports were my life growing up. But when I wasn’t playing sports every harvest and planting season I was in Hooper, NE helping my family on the farm.

This summer I have the opportunity to help/run the experimental plots we are doing called 40 for 400. It’s exactly like it sounds, with the help of my mentor and the other agronomists we are chasing 400 bushels on 40 acres at 6 different plots. An experience this summer that was eye-opening to me is that I am responsible and have the ability to set up and run our 40 for 400 meeting with the 6 growers.

Something I have witnessed at my location is the ability to adapt and to be able to have one title but do so many other things. Watching and being around the people I work with has led me to starting the process of hopefully getting my applicators license. So, one day if I need to, I can adapt as well. This summer I’ve set a couple main goals but the biggest has to be increasing and receiving more hands-on sales knowledge as well as more experience with farmers on the farm.

I am very excited to be back with the Aurora Cooperative team and excited to see what new opportunities I get to learn this year.