Aurora Cooperative 6 years ago

This year I kicked off my summer with an agronomy internship with Aurora Cooperative. The first week of my internship I spent my time at the corporate office headquarters located in Aurora. There I met with seven other interns going through the internship training program. Throughout the program they explained to us the essentials of field scouting, what kind of weeds we would need to keep an eye out for, and deficiencies to look for in the crops. After a week of classroom and hands-on training, I was eager to get into the field to put all that new information I learned to work.  

My goal for this summer is to do the best job possible scouting my growers’ fields so when I go to meet the grower in person after I check their field, I can give them a thorough report of what’s currently happening and recommendations of what needs to be done to get the best possible yield out of that crop. Along with my field scouting I have been conducting multiple emergence flag tests for numerous growers so they can get a good understanding of how their crop is starting out.

I am located at the Neligh, Nebraska location. So one of my main customers I take personal care of is Doug Hall. Doug runs a large scale farming operation in Neligh. He does not always have enough time in the day to get around to all of his fields and get a detailed look at them. That’s where I step in, I have stayed quite busy scouting his fields along with many other growers I tend too. After scouting Doug’s fields, I make reports and deliver them to him, explaining what I found in those fields that will need to be addressed.

As summer quickly moves along I look forward to continuing watching my growers’ crops move through the growth stages and changes that will occur. Every day you find something new and that’s what really excites me.