AGRONOMY PILOT: Doug Krueger | Aurora

Aurora Cooperative 4 years ago

Have you ever wondering who was in the plane flying fungicide over your acres? Well we would like to introduce you to one of our many elite agronomy pilots.

Meet Doug Krueger flying out of Traudt Aerial in Aurora, NE.

Years of Service: 37 years total and 10 years with Aurora Coop.

What Inspired You to Become an Ag Pilot?

Initially, I thought it would be a challenging and exciting type of flying; unique to a very small group of pilots. As I’ve gained experience, it is still challenging, and I am inspired by how significant ag aviation is to the agricultural industry.

What Do You Love Most About Flying?

That’s a hard one to answer. Every day is different and every day I am grateful I can see the beauty of nature, weather and the progression of crops…all from a bird’s eye view. In addition, I am fortunate to pilot a very modern, productive Air Tractor 602.

Do You Consider the Training Leading Up to Becoming a Successful Ag Pilot Difficult?

The training is difficult and demanding. There are a lot of variables to consider before and during each flight. Experience teaches you to maintain a heightened level of awareness.

Most Acres Sprayed in 24 Hours?

Before we can treat a single acre, there are many involved in the process of creating and completing a spray order. Teamwork is important. Every day is different. I spray as safely and productively as possible each day.

Who Inspires You Throughout Your Everyday Work Life?

Knowing that my wife and daughter are waiting for me at home is a huge inspiration to make sure I get home every day. Throughout the day, I am reminded and encouraged by the work ethic and lessons taught to me by Dale Traudt.

Why Do You Believe Aerial Application Is So Important?

It offers a timely and quality application. Aerial application offers quick and consistent results. Nationally, agricultural aircraft has also responded to and assisted in mitigating wildland fires, oil spills, etc.

Do You Have Any Superstitions When It Comes to Flying?

I listen to my “Uh Oh” voice a lot! Also, my wife gave me a Patron Saint of Aviators pendant when we were dating…I wear it all the time.

Pineapple or No Pineapple on Pizza?

Pineapple along with a lot of meat and cheese.