New Feature for Harvest 2022

Grain Ticket Summary

  • See summary of tickets by commodity and average moisture
  • Assign tickets to your farms/fields to view yield and average moisture by field

Feature Overview

Get real time notifications forGrain scale tickets
Work order start, finish, and re-entry period
Account activity
Work with your Farm/FieldsView all work orders and scale tickets associated with a specific field
Assign and edit fields on scale tickets
View and approve work orders
E-sign grain and agronomy contracts
Check grain markets/cash bids
Anytime account accessView invoices and statement
Account payment in-app

Real Time Notifications

Grain Scale – Work Orders – Account Activity



Farms and Fields

View – Filter – Approve


Workorders, Grain, and Agronomy Contracts

View – Approve – E-sign


Anytime Account Access

Balances – Invoices – Statements


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A: Please email customerportal@auroracoop.com
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