WHY AURORA AERIAL — Benton and Ken Reutzel

Aurora Cooperative 5 years ago

We have been working with Aurora Cooperative for as long as I can remember and within the Yield Advantage program for a while now. We have been pretty happy with the way everything has gone in our partnership. We work alongside Aurora Cooperative all growing season, so when they began doing aerial out of Aurora, it was an easy decision for us to work closely with them on that aspect. We have had other people spray for use before but found we had our best application through Traudt Aerial in Aurora.

We feel like we have a really good relationship with our agronomist Mike here in Harvard. He has really worked with us well on scouting the fields. We trust his opinion and what he believes we should be spraying and when. We almost always take his recommendations, and we believe he will give us answers we need.

Traudt Aerial has always been very efficient and gotten things done right, and that’s very important to our operation. Not only do we spray insecticides and fungicides, but we also utilize Aurora Cooperative’s aerial team to put our micronutrients on. We trust them because everything gets done correctly.

We are spraying 100% of our acres both corn and soybeans. We are doing aerial application on our fields on average at least 1-2 times, but on our higher yielding fields we spray them 3-4 times. We saw a major difference in the fields we were putting more applications on than not, which were fields we took recommendations on by Randy Dowdy in the Yield Advantage program. Last year after the high wind event before harvest, we could still see a great yield difference in what had been sprayed even with corn on the ground. We haven’t used an aerial seeding application yet, but we have considered it for this season regarding cover crops.

Overall we really believe Aurora Cooperative does a great job doing our aerial application. We have formed great relationships with the guys and know that they will be giving us high quality performance.