WHY AURORA AERIAL — Ned and Matthew Grosshans

Aurora Cooperative 6 years ago

Traudt Aerial started doing our aerial service for us when we started farming and when Aurora Cooperative bought them, we just continued on. We have built great relationships with the employees and pilots. We have found that they are very reliable and get things done in a timely manner. We have known Doug, James and Jeremy at Traudt Aerial for a long time and trust them with our farm. Their product recommendations line up well with our field needs. We know that they are doing the best job that they can when they are spraying our fields. We are also comfortable with them and their judgment. They have the best, top quality equipment to get the job accomplished.

We are spraying once a summer on all corn for both fungicide and insecticide. We have not been doing any aerial application on our soybeans but could see it as a possibility in the near future. Most years we would say it is profitable for us to be spraying and more beneficial than not. Aerial spraying is a must for our operation. We could not accomplish what we do without it. We have great trust in Traudt Aerial and know that they will always give us a quality job. We have been very satisfied with working alongside them.