Aurora Cooperative 5 years ago

The reason I do business with Aurora Cooperative’s aerial division is because of the timely service they provide along with the way they handle their business. I have been doing business for 20 years with them and have always been satisfied. I use aerial application to spray every acre of corn and beans once a summer and believe it is a necessity for my operation. Ever since fungicide has become a part of farming, aerial spraying is something we just have to do.

I have a great relationship with the aerial employees at Traudt here in Aurora. Jeremy and James are always very helpful, and I feel like we all connect really well. They know exactly what our operation does, and they have the great product knowledge when we need it. Aurora Cooperative has never given me a reason not to trust them with their recommendations. They are very professional and are always looking for the best and greatest ways to help us out.

The pilots at Traudt Aerial are some of the best. There has never been issues on our farm. You couldn’t ask for a better quality of work and products that they offer. I am always informed of when they are going to be spraying, why they might not be spraying, and they are always keeping us up to date with what their plan is and why. Relationship and efficiency is a big deal when it comes to aerial spraying and with Aurora Cooperative, those two things have exceeded my expectations.