Aurora Cooperative Announces 2017 Scholarship Winners

Aurora Cooperative 7 years ago

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Aurora, Neb. – The Aurora Cooperative is pleased to announce the 2017 scholarship winners. Each year
the Aurora Cooperative awards scholarships to students pursuing a college education and career in
agriculture. This year $10,000 in scholarships was awarded to 15 students. The top five scholarship
winners each received $1,000 with the remaining 10 students each receiving $500. The Aurora
Cooperative is honored to help each of these outstanding young people further their education and
achieve their goals within the agricultural field.

The students receiving $1,000 are as follows: Jason Line, son of Darby and Annette Line of Miller, Neb.;
Nathan Lundeen, son of Bradley and Deb Lundeen of Minden, Neb.; Corey Conway, son of Robert and
Kelli Conway of Campbell, Neb.; Marissa Kegley, daughter of Randy and Marcie Kegley of Kearney,
Neb.; Grace McDonald, daughter of John and Susan McDonald of Phillips, Neb.

Students receiving $500 are as follows: Elly Dahl, daughter of Monty and Heather Dahl of Courtland,
Kan.; Blake Kirchhoff, son of Matthew and Cindy Kirchhoff of Hardy, Neb.; Blake Bauer, son of Brian
and Sandy Bauer of Fairbury, Neb.; Keatton Reese, son of Ronnie and Kim Reese of Pleasanton, Neb.;
Michaela Cunningham, daughter of Chris and Carla Cunningham of Fullerton, Neb.; Jacob Simonson, son
of Jerry and Barbara Simonson of St. Libory, Neb.; Michelle Unruh, daughter of Robert and Joan Unruh
of Webber, Kan.; Lily Woitaszewski, daughter of Larry Woitaszewski and Anne Bohan of Wood River,
Neb.; Donovan Buss, son of Bryan and Diane Buss of York, Neb.; Landon Wright, son of Wryan and Cris
Wright of Hastings, Neb.

As part of the application, each student was asked to write an essay titled, “How I Plan to Contribute to
Agriculture.” Below is a small excerpt from the top five students’ essays.
“Pride in ownership of the ranch that has been in our family for 130 years instills in me a dedication to
rural life and contributing to agriculture. I realize being successful does not just mean being profitable,
but also providing an opportunity for the next generation of farmers, ranchers and hunters to enjoy our
great outdoors.” – Jason Line

“Something I have learned from watching my older siblings is the importance of being involved in the
agricultural community, no matter what my age. This is important to be me because I realize I am the next
generation farmer, and I need to gain every bit of knowledge I can to play my part in the agricultural
industry.” – Nathan Lundeen

“Ninety-eight percent of children in America no longer grow up on a farm. I consider myself blessed to
be among the two percent who still cling to that nearly extinct way of life. Being raised on a family farm
that is continually supportive of me has motivated me immensely to leave a legacy for generations to
come.” – Corey Conway

“In my future career, I will serve livestock producers and help them provide a healthy, nutritious product
to the consumer. My dedication not only stops at helping producers, but by making a commitment to the
agriculture industry by continuing education, awareness, advocacy, networking and teamwork to
empower our society to learn the importance of agriculture.” – Marissa Kegley
“Agriculture is the basis of our economy. My 18 years of growth has cultivated me to pursue a career
involved in agriculture communications, connecting my family’s farming heritage with my cherished
speaking and writing abilities. I want to help communicate the story of agriculture towards the future.”
– Grace McDonald

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