Carleton location adds faster system

Aurora Cooperative 4 years ago

The Aurora Cooperative Carleton location received some upgrades including a 500,000 gallon 32-0-0 tank, along with bulk tanks for N-Stat, Prolock, and zinc. Along with the bulk tank investments, they also upgraded to a Kahler system and did away with the old system of loading to a weigh tank to the farmers tank. Location manager Barry Renz said during the busy season growers will have less time to wait in line, getting their fertilizer faster.

“Our efficiencies have increased with now being able to load a semi in 15 minutes, where before it took around 45 minutes to an hour,” Barry said.

With now having N-Stat, Prolock, and zinc loaded by the Kahler system, the location is able to cut down time and the number of employees it takes to load a blend. It has gone from being a 2-3 person load out job, now to a 1 person load out job.

“The new Kahler system in Carleton is so much faster and more precise as well,” Kevin Yoachim from Hebron, Ne said. “I’m very pleased with the upgrades and the efficiency it has created.”