Doniphan location moves to new location with brand new facility

Aurora Cooperative 3 years ago

The Aurora Cooperative Doniphan location received a huge upgrade with a new facility in a new location. Our new facility is location at 2026 W Binfield Road in Doniphan. The new facility has a significant amount of room for trucks to get around with a new loadout system for fertilizer. The loadout system allows for semi-trucks to be loaded in 11 minutes. There is also a 175 foot warehouse for chemicals on site, holding more on hand for the growers in that area. The facility will also have a 230,000 gallon anhydrous bullets with two pumps that will allow 8 tanks to fill at a time.

“Our growers should be very happy with getting in and out in a timely manner this year,” location manager Cory Mescher said.

Cory said the biggest benefits growers in the area will see from this investment is having room to get around in their trucks at the location, being able to talk with a salesperson one on one with privacy, and the ability to load and unload trucks at the same time. Along with being able to load a semi in 11 minutes, other efficiencies include loading a nurse trailer in 5 minutes and fill anhydrous tanks in 10 minutes. There is also just more office space to accommodate growers when they come in with questions.

“The plant is just more grower and employee friendly,” Cory said.

Jason Frink, a grower from Hastings, said he believes a lot of thought went into the layout of the new facility.

“It’s a lot more efficient, there is more room, and when I was there the wait time was zero,” Jason said. “I really appreciate how well it was thought out to make sure I can get in and out as fast as possible.”