Asked Questions

Asked Questions

About Aurora

Established in 1908, the Aurora Cooperative serves its 18,000 farmer-owners in the areas of agronomy, grain, energy, and animal nutrition.

We are based in Aurora, Nebraska, which is in the central area of Nebraska.

We are driven by one fundamental belief: that by joining together, farmers can accomplish things they cannot accomplish alone. That belief hasn’t changed in more than 100 years, and it’s why every decision and every investment we make is focused on what’s best for the farmers who own this company. Without you, we don’t matter.

We have 82 locations in seven states. The majority of our locations are in Nebraska. We also have 17 locations in Texas, three locations in Colorado, three locations in South Dakota, two locations in Kansas, one location in Iowa and one location in Maryland.

Benefits of Membership

Members’ Equity Credits are that portion of the net margins of the Cooperative that have been apportioned to the equity holder but have been retained by the Cooperative as part of the equity capital subject to Article VIII of the Restated Bylaws of the Cooperative.

By participating in the cooperative within a given fiscal year.

Being a shareholder or stockholder requires a patron to be a producer and meet certain criteria to receive an application for a share of stock. When a patron receives the application, they can choose to return it and become a voting farmer-owner. The Board of Directors approves all stockholders.

Community Involvement

Please send donation requests to: memberservices@auroracoop.com