Aurora Cooperative 3 years ago

Pictured above: Cody Simonton, right, with his wife, Kristen, and son, Blaine.

Meet CODY SIMONTON from Upland, NE. Cody owns and operates a true family operation of corn, soybeans, and 230 head of cattle. He got his start in farming as a kid growing up on the farm, and it’s the only lifestyle he has ever known.

Cody began his career farming alongside his dad after high school.

“There wasn’t quite enough for the both of us to farm full-time at the point, so together, we started a customer spraying application business,” Cody said. “Through that, we began working closely with Aurora Cooperative as a wholesale customer. We ran 4 sprayers for years until my dad started thinking about retirement and wanted to slow down. At that point, I had a really good relationship with my salesmen, Brian Karr. We even went to grade school together. Aurora Cooperative is handy, they are close, and they will do about anything for you. That is what keeps me coming back to Aurora year after year.”

Today, Cody and his wife, Kristen, have 3 kids. Two daughters who are working towards their own careers and an 18-year-old son, Blaine, who wants nothing more than to return to the family business.

“My son graduates high school this year and wants to return to the farm once he finishes his degree,” Cody said. “That motivates me to keep going so that we are able to hand down the farm to our kids. We truly enjoy it, and it has provided us with a good living.”

Cody says he is looking forward to passing the operation down to his son, slowing down, and enjoying life a little.