Aurora Cooperative 2 years ago

Pictured above: Jerry Preissler, Bob Brown (harvest help), Dave Preissler, Dan Preissler, Nick Preissler, & Blake Eckhout (harvest help)

Meet NICK PREISSLER, a 4th generation farmer from Giltner, Nebraska. Nick is a recent 2019 graduate from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln who has returned to the family operation where there are currently 3 generations working side by side. Nick, his grandfather, Jerry, his dad, Dave and Uncle Dan. Here they run a corn, seed corn and soybean farm.

“As a kid growing up, I was always hanging out around the farm and it just felt like something I wanted to do forever,” Nick said. “I loved spending time in the tractor with dad and grandpa sitting on the buddy seat. It meant so much to me to learn as much as I could about what was going on and it meant so much just to spend time with them. Working alongside your family every day is not something most people get to experience, and I consider myself very fortunate that I am able to get to do just that.”

With Nick recently joining the operation a year ago that really changed things up.

“I am very fortunate that the family I get to work with every day is very open to new ideas,” he said. “They strive to stay up to date with current technologies and are very innovative. Some of the best advice my grandfather has given me to is to not be afraid to try new things and to go outside of the norm to try different approaches for a better outcome.”

Now that spring is finally here, Nick is looking forward to getting back out into the field after being out all winter. He is excited to put this year’s seed in the ground and watch its potential come to life. For him, farming is a way of life and something that he has always done, and something that he loves to do and wants to continue to do. Nick said his hope is to continue to be a valuable asset to their operation and to build on the success his family has been able to achieve so far and keep it going for the next generation.

“When it is all said and done, I hope people view us as down to earth, good people, who you could talk to about anything,” he said. “We love to share ideas and bounce ideas off each other. The farming community is a tight nit group of people who are always willing to help each other. That is why I am proud to be a farmer and hope to continue this way of life for years to come.”