Aurora Cooperative 6 years ago

I grew up in the small town of Trumbull, Nebraska with strong farming values. My family has lived in Trumbull all of their lives. I learned many small town values that aren’t so common in bigger cities. I believe that farming is truly the backbone of rural Nebraska.

I have been a Fuel Delivery Driver for almost 6 years now with Aurora Cooperative. Previously, I worked for another large cooperative for 25 years before making the switch. I have a large trade area that I cover from Ravenna to the west, Archer and Palmer to the north, Phillips to the east, and Harvard and Prosser to the south. I also cover the entire Grand Island area.

I believe that delivering fuel to our owners’ in a timely manner is my first priority. I value their trust in me to make sure their operation doesn’t skip a beat. I take great pride in keeping the owners’ equity I am given looking professional at all times. It’s important to me for my truck to look the best it can.

When I’m not traveling around the countryside to our owners’ farms, I love camping and fishing. Even though I travel extensively for my job, I love taking any chance I get to travel on my time off and discover new places and things.

The best part about my job is getting to be outside and having the ability to speak with our owners’ on their farms whenever I get the chance. It gives me more insight into how I can be of more value to them. Their satisfaction is of the highest priority to me.