Aurora Cooperative Elevator Company, a leading agricultural retailer in the high plains, finalized the purchase of 100% ownership of Pacific Aurora, LLC. Previously Aurora Cooperative had 26% ownership of the assets including two ethanol plants with 145 million annual production, a 4.1 million capacity grain facility and integrated rail facilities.

With this investment, Aurora Cooperative will not only assume operational and sales management for all the ethanol, co-products, grain and rail assets, they will also operate 100% of the Aurora West complex including the dry shed, liquid fertilizer storage, warehouse, and A-Stop fueling station. By obtaining full ownership of this entire complex, Aurora Cooperative is bringing more value to its owners and their communities by creating this unique end destination market.

“Even though times are tough for the country and all ag commodities right now, we are investing in our future and in this community,” Aurora Cooperative CEO Chris Vincent said. “By gaining full ownership of the facility, we are not only keeping jobs here in the community, but we will also have a new ability to merchandise our owners’ grain differently than we ever have before with the direct access to the rail and elevator assets. Ethanol is extremely important to the State of Nebraska and to all its producers. We know that losing it would be detrimental to our producers which is why we are making this investment for them.”

Aurora Cooperative renamed Pacific Aurora, LLC to Aurora Cooperative Ethanol, LLC which will include both ethanol plants and the inside loop track. Aurora Cooperative now had the ability to use the grain assets to move grain for our owners and work aggressively to market our owners grain through rail and other local markets.

To get bids into Aurora West, contact your local Grain Merchandiser.

Looking At The Numbers:

  • 54,561 inbound trucks per year
  • 50,454,040 bushels of corn per year
  • 314,199 bushels of soybeans per year
  • 50,768,239 total inbound bushels
  • 44,214,901 bushels of corn for ethanol
  • 3,530,848 bushels of enogen for ethanol

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