Aurora Cooperative offers a full line of quality refined fuels for all purposes. All fuels, of course, are available for delivery right to your door with normal delivery hours occurring between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, although special delivery times and days can be arranged. Just call our nearest location.

Bulk Site Locations

  • Aurora
  • Henderson/York
  • Clay Center
  • Hardy/Byron/Superior
  • Grand Island
  • Dannebrog/St. Paul
  • Gibbon/Kearney
  • Minden/Upland/Keene
  • Bertrand

Gasoline products

Aurora Cooperative provides a range of gasoline, including ethanol blends from E10 (10 percent ethanol) to E99 (99 percent ethanol), regular unleaded and premium unleaded. While we supply many different fuels, Aurora Cooperative is proud to carry and support renewable biofuels like ethanol and soy biodiesel.

E15 or Unleaded88

We currently offer E15 or Unleaded88 blends at these A-Stop 24 locations:

  • Aurora West
  • Aurora Service Center
  • Grand Island
  • Grant
  • Hastings
  • Minden
  • St. Paul
  • York

We also make on farm deliveries of all ethanol blends including E10, E15, E30, and E85.

Diesel fuels

Our diesel fuels are consistent and simply perform. We supply several soy biodiesel blends also.

Our Cenex® brand premium diesel fuel — Ruby FieldMaster® Soy-Enhanced Premium Diesel — is a powerful, efficient performer, delivering up to 5 percent improved fuel efficiency while optimizing power and performance. Ruby FieldMaster® includes an exclusive additive package formulated expressly for the rugged demands of today’s heavy-duty, diesel-powered equipment.

This premium fuel is also backed by the Cenex Total Protection Plan® Progam, which provides a 10-year or 10,000-hour warranty for qualified agricultural equipment. Be sure to ask your Aurora energy team member about this warranty, as we have seen it work for our patrons!

Why choose a premium diesel?

Diesel fuel quality can vary greatly from dealer to dealer and even day to day. Inconsistent fuel quality reduces performance and can shorten the lifespan of your equipment. Premium diesel eliminates these worries and at the same time is very stable in your tank. Add to that, up to 4.5 percent more power for pulling up long hills and heavy loads, soy, and other friction-reducing agents to protect pumps and reduce downtime and high cetane for quicker starts and smoother running and it’s easy to see why Aurora Cooperative recommends Ruby FieldMaster® premium.



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