Owners Acres started in 2017 in Aurora, Nebraska with a 65-acre field set up with seven blocks of irrigated acres along with a dryland portion on the north side. This set-up has allowed our team to look at a range of different ideas, treatments, and management practices with the end goal of sharing that information with our owners to help them implement new strategies on their operations. Through Real Farm Research we can perform replicated trials to test our products, but with Owners Acres we are able to farm on a bigger scale and focus on management systems and treatment timings. At Owners Acres we can look deeper into planter and sprayer technology as well as look at different cropping systems in a larger-scale farm setting. Since its beginning 4 years ago in Aurora, Owners Acres has expanded to include:

  • 200 acres in Hastings, Nebraska both irrigated and dryland,
  • 24 dryland acres in David City, Nebraska,
  • 33 irrigated acres in Central City, Nebraska.

Throughout the growing season, we encourage not only our owners to walk through one of our Owners Acres farms, but we also use both Aurora and Hastings for multiple internal trainings with our agronomists. Aside from large group tours that we hold throughout the growing season, our team at Owners Acres would be more than happy to walk you through the farm one-on-one at any time and explore what we are doing and some of the results we are seeing or what history has taught us.

Peek at our 2020 Research and Development Book.

Our Mission

At Aurora Cooperative we want you and your farm to reach its fullest potential. We believe that by researching products and management systems on our farms, we can help cut out the noise in the industry. We do this by providing valuable information for you to make educated agronomic decisions on your farm. It’s important to us to know where you are now, where you want to go, how we can help get you there, and what it is you are looking for from us, your cooperative. Return on investment is important, and we believe your best return is finding the limiting factor on your farm. Every day we strive to work side by side with you, our American farmers, as we move forward together with the next generation on your farm.

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