Pacific Aurora, LLC

Pacific Aurora, LLC

Aurora Cooperative entered into a partnership with Pacific Ethanol in December of 2016 that created the newly formed company, Pacific Aurora, LLC. In this partnership, Aurora Cooperative contributed its cash and grain operation assets which resulted in 26% ownership of the newly combined ethanol production, grain elevator, and rail facilities in Aurora, Nebraska.

  • Aurora Cooperative’s ownership in PAL (Pacific Aurora, LLC) allows for farmer-owners to participate in downstream revenue and vertical integration of the grain industry through ethanol.
  • Aurora Cooperative manages the corn receiving operations and origination of all grain on behalf of PAL. This has created a new marketing opportunity for Aurora Cooperative farmer-owners.
  • Aurora Cooperative’s historical and current financial strength creates opportunities such as this for our farmer-owners.
  • Your Corn, Your Ethanol: By directly using our farmer-owners corn for ethanol production, we can help ensure great prices, share downstream revenue, and promote positive effects of corn ethanol on rural economies and the environment.

To get bids into PAL, contact your local Grain Merchandiser.

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Looking At The Numbers:

  • 54,561 inbound trucks per year
  • 50,454,040 bushels of corn per year
  • 314,199 bushels of soybeans per year
  • 50,768,239 total inbound bushels
  • 44,214,901 bushels of corn for ethanol
  • 3,530,848 bushels of enogen for ethanol

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