Our goal is to provide producers with practical and profitable precision crop management solutions that fit each unique operation and maximize input efficiency and yield. Our precision crop management team of local agronomists and dedicated data support personnel feel it is important to discover your needs and goals first, before offering a solution. Please contact us with any questions, comments or ideas that you may have regarding any of the product offerings contained below. Our goal is to offer complete solutions with a full lineup of products and services to meet your precision crop management needs. We look forward to visiting with you!



Grid soil sampling is the foundation layer on which fertility, seed, and crop protection decisions are made. Yield can vary widely across the field. The same is true for soil fertility, regardless of how uniform your field may appear. A 2.5 acre grid sample provides the best high-resolution “image” of your soil fertility and characteristics. Instead of flat rate applications under-or over-applying areas of the field, variable rate application precisely places your fertilizer inputs where it is most needed to maximize yield.  In addition, having precise information on fertility, soil pH, and soil types allows you to make better seed placement and rate decisions.  Soil type and pH also can effect herbicide performance and knowing your variability can help eliminate adverse effects of carryover and herbicide injury.



With the dawn, evolution and refinement of precision equipment since the 1990s, you have collected years of GPS-based yield maps, soil samples, and other data, but you probably feel like you have never truly used this data. Aurora Yield Advantage is the vehicle that puts your data to work, by transforming your raw field data into field and whole-farm knowledge, helping you make better management decisions. This analysis is based on your actual and observed field data that can help pinpoint limiting factors and yield drivers.

Yield Advantage offers a full suite of reporting and field tools to help you refine management across the farm and achieve your precision Ag goals.

  • Variable-Rate Seeding
  • Yield Map Analysis
  • Trial Block Placement
  • Grid Sampling and Variable-Rate Fertilizer Recommendations

Aurora Yield Advantage manages and stores your data in a highly structured and organized database, providing unmatched statistical analysis. You maintain full ownership and control of your data, as well as the knowledge created from the analysis.

At the Group level, Yield Advantage growers can choose to pool their data anonymously with hundreds of other fields and area producers to benchmark their own performance. The Aurora Group data allows you to view trends and compare your operation from a higher level by analyzing fields and conditions that reflect your own situation. The strength of this knowledge, ultimately guiding better decisions, is the pathway to higher yields on your farm.



Basic Package

  • Our basic package looks at yield vs. planting, and grid soil sample information.  Our goal is to find limiting factors or yield drivers based off these common information layers.

Advanced Package

  • Our advanced package looks at additional information such as management practices and other environmental influences on yield.  In addition, you can compare your results vs. the group data of other participants in our advanced program.

Elite Package

  • Our elite package adds in-season data collection.  Planting and emergence evaluation along with weekly tissue sampling combines real-time information throughout the growing season that can help drive management decisions.

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