Safety Tips


The fall season is upon us, bringing with it a busy and hectic harvest season. It’s important for all farm equipment operators to remain alert at all times to avoid accidents. With the finish line close, it's tempting to skip steps, but we encourage you to take the time to do things safely. Below are…

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As we begin to approach more spring like weather, below are a few tips to remember while driving: We still can get some snowfall, which means the warm spring sun can melt ice and snow near the road. This melt water can freeze when the sun stops shining on it and the temperatures drop below…

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As farmers begin to move grain out of storage during the winter months, here are a few reminders and safety measures to practice while working around grain: Keep children out of grain bins, beds, and wagons at all times. Grain flow can cover them before anyone realizes what is happening. Lock out the control circuit…

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Winter is here! Check out these helpful tips in how you can keep your home safe and prepared for the winter months ahead! Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries: Are there batteries in them? Are the batteries current? Batteries lose their charge. Make a habit of changing batteries-some people use daylight…

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