Grain Hands-On Safety

Rebecca Fenton 2 years ago

This year Aurora Cooperative has started gearing up for harvest early! The Safety team at Aurora brought in several hands on trainers to bring safety from theory and idea to practice. The grain engulfment trailer from our Annual Meeting came back and Tim Zehnder, Fire Science Coordinator at Mid-Plains Community College, brought in several area trainers to help teach our employees about grain engulfment risks and rescue and how to care for someone who has been in a grain entrapment. Chris Moore from Sutton, guided our employees through a grain engulfment and taught them the keys to getting someone out of grain safely. Phil Larson from Kearney, taught our employees how to use ropes, ladders and other devices to get a patient out of a bin safely and how to keep them safe from bin to ground.

Gretchen Mosher and Dirk Maier, Professors from Iowa State discussed grain dust safety and explosion risks. Demonstrations on the risk of grain dust were given by igniting grain dust in an explosion chamber.  Aurora Cooperative Employees were give opportunities to ignite the dust themselves and see how potent our local crop dust can be!

Southern Power was the final presenter for the sessions and Todd Bailey brought electrical safety to life with his own personal story about surviving an electrical contact in excess of 300 amperes!  His story combined with electrical and safety risk assessment coaching taught employees the risks they face when working with and around any electrical boxes or lines.

By working to combine our safety education with the knowledge these trainers and coaches bring, we are able to better serve you, our farmers. Having the ability to talk safety with our employees helps our team to remain safe and efficient while working to help grow your crops from seed to grain and educate our employees so they can help answer any safety related questions you might have!