Personal Protective Equipment

Aurora Cooperative 2 years ago

Now is the time of year when we start putting our elbows to the grind-stone and getting seed in the ground! One thing Aurora Cooperative’s Safety Team and Committee want to remind you about is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). While you are dealing with various aspects of your operations, remember to protect yourself.  From chemicals, to moving parts, to pinch points, you face a lot of risks. Below are some of the safety precautions to take to avoid accidents.

  • When working with anhydrous or other chemicals, using chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses or goggles can prevent a lot of injuries that have been seen across our state in previous years.
  • Long sleeves and jeans with leather boots also help prevent burns or skin irritations that can occur with some chemicals.
  • Always make sure your sleeves/shirt are not too baggy where they can get caught in a PTO shaft or other moving parts.

If you ever have questions about the PPE you need, please ask any Aurora Cooperative employee. They can help you find the safety measures to help keep you accident-free this season!