Aurora Cooperative 5 years ago

This summer I am participating in an internship with Aurora Cooperative. My primary location is at the Corporate Office in the marketing communications department, but I have already had the chance to travel to many different locations and farms. Everyday throughout my internship has looked a little different, but one of my favorite experiences so far was getting to tag along on a video shoot. All the work that goes into creating a simple minute long video often goes unnoticed, and I got to witness firsthand the process unfold. It was an exciting challenge to catch the right camera angles, the right weather conditions and the raw emotions of our farmers.

Aside from the video shoot, this summer I have taken on various marketing tasks but focused my attention on three key projects. The first, to visit all the growers who planted our Prairie Valley seed and show our appreciation to them for embarking on the first growing season of the new brand. During my visits I have been asking for feedback from the growers about potential tagline options for the official launch of the Prairie Valley brand this fall. The second project I have been working on is to capture pictures, videos and written content for the Real Farm Research team to use on their website. Lastly, I have been visiting the different Aurora Cooperative locations around the state to update employee bios.

There have been many learning opportunities along the way but a key lesson I have learned throughout this experience is the importance of customer service. For Aurora Cooperative, it is much more than selling a product, it’s about developing a genuine long-lasting relationship with growers. They always say it takes a village to raise a child, and I could argue that the same idea goes for raising a crop. It takes an entire team of professionals, whom are trustworthy and dedicated, to help make your operation successful. I feel very fortunate to have been chosen to represent Aurora Cooperative this summer and be apart of such an amazing company culture.