Your Corn, Your Ethanol: Aurora Cooperative Now Using PAL Ethanol

Aurora Cooperative 7 years ago

Homegrown, reliable fuel comes full circle – from the field to the tank

Aurora, Neb. – Aurora Cooperative is pleased to announce that starting on Feb. 20 the Doniphan, Neb.
terminal began taking E98 ethanol from the newly-formed Pacific Aurora, LLC (PAL). The Doniphan
terminal will now be able to blend PAL ethanol with gasoline for the majority of the cooperative’s fuel
pumps, bulk plants and on-farm deliveries.

“This is a great benefit for our owner-members because it provides them not only grain marketing
opportunities through PAL but also provides a homegrown, reliable fuel source for those filling up at the
pump,” said Aurora Cooperative’s Energy Coordinator Phil Smith. “We will have PAL ethanol in all of
our tanks with the next delivery.”

Aurora Cooperative pulled the first load of ethanol from PAL on Feb. 7 for the A-Stop 24 blender pumps
at Aurora West, Grand Island and York and also for the Grand Island bulk plant’s E98 tank. The blender
pumps blend ethanol with the gasoline on site, allowing for E10, E20, E30 and E85 options.
Aurora Cooperative believes in putting its owners’ equity to work for your farm, your cooperative, your
future and now for ‘your ethanol.’

Tessa Burgener
Aurora Cooperative