Your Corn, Your Ethanol: E15 Blended Gasoline Now Available at Select A-Stop Pumps

Aurora Cooperative 7 years ago

Aurora Cooperative brings homegrown, clean-burning E15 to Aurora, Grand Island and York

Aurora, Neb. – Aurora Cooperative is pleased to announce that starting today our A-Stop pumps at Aurora West, Grand Island and York will now be providing E15 blended gasoline. E15 is a higher-octane blend consisting of 15
percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline. The ethanol being used for the E15 blend will be coming directly from PAL
(Pacific Aurora, LLC), an ethanol plant in Aurora.

“We are excited to offer locally produced ethanol made from locally grown corn and offer that for consumption in
our local communities,” said Chris Decker, COO at Aurora Cooperative. “E15 will allow consumers to use cleanburning,
environmentally-friendly gasoline and will also help pump revenue back into your local communities by
utilizing local farmers’ corn for your local ethanol use.”

E15 has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in all passenger vehicles model year
2001 or newer. Flex-fuel vehicles capable of operating on blends up to E85 (85 percent ethanol) can also use E15
regardless of model year. According to the Nebraska Corn Board’s ethanol facts, the approved group of vehicles for
E15 includes more than 80 percent of the cars, trucks and SUVs on the road today.

“It’s encouraging to see the growth in availability and usage of higher blends of ethanol,” said Tim Sheer, Nebraska
Corn Board director and farmer from St. Paul. “Ethanol is a win for the consumer, a win for the environment and a
win for Nebraska agriculture. I look forward to fueling my vehicles with clean-burning ethanol at these A-Stop

According to Growth Energy, a full move to E15 will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an additional 8 million
tons per year – the equivalent of taking more than 1.35 million vehicles off the road. Growth Energy is an
organization representing producers and supporters of ethanol who feed the world and fuel America in ways that
achieve energy independence, improve economic well-being and create a healthier environment for all Americans.

Aurora Cooperative believes in putting its owners’ equity to work for your farm, your families, your communities and now your ethanol.

Tessa Burgener
Aurora Cooperative