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Aurora Cooperative 4 years ago

Below is a sample letter for you to use to submit to the email address: marilyn.tabor@nebraska.gov

Just replace the YOUR NAME HERE, YOUR ADDRESS HERE, and YOUR TOWN spots with your information. Please submit your responses by June 10.


May 27, 2020

TO:  The Nebraska Environmental Trust
P.O. Box 94913
Lincoln NE 68509-4913


Nebraska Renewable Fuels & Air Quality Program
App ID: 20-137

Dear Nebraska Environmental Trust Board Members,

I am a farmer from YOUR TOWN, Nebraska.  I greatly appreciate the NET board’s consideration of the Nebraska Renewable Fuels & Air Quality Program and I urge you to support it with a positive vote.

While Nebraska is a leader in ethanol production, we have not yet achieved an adequate infrastructure for usage of higher ethanol blends to be among the top users of ethanol.  This grant program would go a long way in providing that opportunity for fuel retailers and motorists across our great state.

As a grain farmer, I acknowledge that ethanol has become imperative in the economic viability of agriculture in our state.  Even more importantly, ethanol is far better for our environment and air quality than straight fossil fuels.  Farms and ranches across Nebraska work to preserve the environment and promote wildlife while earning a living from our precious soil and water.  The Nebraska Renewable Fuels & Air Quality Program is an ideal program to enhance our efforts.

Before I conclude, here are some facts about ethanol and how it helps to improve our air quality:

Ethanol is carbon neutral, and in the U.S., it is responsible for removing the carbon equivalent of 20 million cars from the road. According to the Nebraska Ethanol Board, ethanol also:

  • Reduces tailpipe carbon monoxide emissions by as much as 43%.
  • Reduces exhaust Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions by 12%.
  • Reduces particulate emissions, especially fine particulates that are especially hazardous to children, the elderly, and those with respiratory diseases.

Since ethanol is made from corn and other natural products, it is easily renewable year after year. Using ethanol helps our country reduce its dependence on foreign fuel sources and become energy independent. In 2018, ethanol displaced nearly 600 million barrels of crude oil, and petroleum import dependence fell to just 14% compared to 60% in 2005.


Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to the NET voting in favor of moving forward with the Nebraska Renewable Fuels & Air Quality Program.