2024 Summer Intern: Paul VanDeWalle

Allied Nutrition Sales Intern

My name is Paul VanDeWalle, and I’m from Cedar Rapids, NE. I’m currently a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I am majoring in animal science with a focus in business communications and a minor in agricultural business. This summer, I am excited to be working for Allied Nutrition under Jefferson Keller at the St. Paul location.  

Growing up in rural Nebraska, I have always been deeply involved in agriculture. My family operates a cow/calf operation, and I have been actively engaged in 4-H and FFA throughout my youth. Our family has been using Aurora Cooperative’s show calf feed for the past few years which sparked my interest in understanding the processes behind high-quality feed production. Recognizing that feed is a critical factor in the success of the beef industry, I wanted to gain firsthand knowledge and experience in this area. This summer, I am excited to be working for Allied Nutrition where I hope to deepen my understanding of feed production and its impact on livestock performance. 

I’ve already had the incredible opportunity to tour the mill and gain a comprehensive understanding of its operations. I have participated in numerous farm deliveries which has allowed me to see firsthand how our products are utilized in various agricultural settings. Additionally, I had the unique chance to name a couple of our pig feed products, which was both exciting and rewarding. Throughout the summer, I have met many different customers and have been able to assist them with their operations, providing valuable insights and support. On a day-to-day basis, my responsibilities include delivering orders, preparing orders, and visiting customers to ensure their needs are met. This hands-on experience has not only enhanced my knowledge of the feed industry but also reinforced the importance of customer relationships and service in agriculture. 

So far through this internship, I have gained a deep understanding of the products and services that Aurora Cooperative and Allied Nutrition offer. I have been fortunate to develop multiple mentor relationships, both from our customers and fellow employees within Aurora Cooperative. These relationships have been invaluable in enhancing my knowledge and skills. I am particularly excited about attending the National Junior Hereford Expo in July, where I will have the opportunity to assist at the mobile feed store and connect with customers from around the world. I anticipate that this event will be one of the most memorable and impactful experiences of my internship, allowing me to apply what I’ve learned and further expand my network within the agricultural community. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to intern with Aurora Cooperative and for the mentorship I have received along the way. The overall experience has been enriching and is something I would highly recommend to any college student pursuing a career in agriculture. The connections and knowledge gained through this internship will undoubtedly benefit me in my future endeavors.