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Owners Acres

Owners Acres

Owners Acres is more than just a farming operation. it’s a hub of research and development that employs advanced technology and precise management techniques to consistently increase crop yields year after year.

This initiative was born out of a desire to walk in the boots of a farmer, to understand the challenges they face, and to find solutions that can help them thrive.

Through grid soil samples, tissue samples, data analysis, different management practices, and lots of trial and error, we’ve gained invaluable knowledge through Owners Acres. Our mission is straightforward. To help farmers thrive, one step at a time.

Foundation-Emergence-Enhance-Energy Management-Finish

Our 5 Step Process

1. Foundation

It all starts with a grid soil sample to identify limiting factors and use the nutrients available in the soil.


  • Considering your yield goals, fertility levels, and watering capacity, choose the proper trait packages of hybrids and varieties along with correct populations for your acre.
  • Build an effective nitrogen management plan that includes stabilizers like N-Stat. Start with a clean field through fall or spring burndown and build an effective crop protection plan for the year.

2. Emergence

Review the planter checklist and be sure all technology is ready to go before planting begins.

  • Protect early against early diseases and insects with a seed treatment and in-furrow plan.
  • For an optimal seed bed, be sure to use a fall or spring burndown program, pre-water before planting if conditions are dry, and manage residue.
  • Pick the right planting window which includes soil temps above 50 degrees, a warm 10-day GDU outlook, and adequate soil moisture conditions.

3. Enhance

Use Realize, a combination of 3 key ingredients at the right ratios to stimulate the overall health and growth of the crop.

  • Add in micronutrient blends that are designed to feed crop growth, enhance plant health, and improve nutrient uptake.
  • Constrain XLT Plus provides fuel and energy to keep the plant focused on yield while also mitigating herbicide stress.
  • It’s important to overlap residual herbicides 21-28 days after the first residual and use early water if necessary to keep residuals active.

4. Energy Management

Implement fungicide applications for both corn and soybeans for protection and water usage efficiency.

  • Keep nitrogen in the ammonia form with N-Stat.
  • Don’t miss adding in an insecticide with any application done at this plant stage.
  • Incorporate tissue samples to make sure nutrients are showing up when needed in the plants, as well as moisture probes to understand where roots are taking up water.

5. Finish

Be sure you have enough nitrogen available late as it’s important to corn’s test weight and soybean seed size.

  • Late phosphorus and potassium availability are both critical for test weight accumulation and seed size which both equal yield.
  • Microbial activity is dependent on moisture so don’t shut your pivots off early, irrigate late.
  • Work to harvest in a timely manner, the longer a crop stands in the field, the longer Mother Nature can strike.


Join precision agronomist Brandon Hamer weekly during the growing season for timely video updates on management solutions, insect and disease watch-outs, and overall crop health advice. In the “off-season” don’t miss a chance to dive into key topics more with our podcast.


Partnering Farmers With Top Products


Products and services in the R2G portfolio from Aurora Cooperative are designed to be your strategic path toward improved plant health, optimal plant performance, and higher yields.









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N-Shield Plus

Seed For Every Acre

Today, seed placement is paramount, requiring a customized approach for yielding results. With a seed portfolio including Prairie Valley, Brevant, and NK, we deliver cutting edge technology through localized seed selections and access to the latest innovations in seed.

Our strategy revolves around offering only the finest genetics and traits, carefully matched with insights gained from our growers fields. At Aurora Cooperative, we’re thrilled to provide multiple germplasms and top traits through our seed partners, ensuring a perfect fit for every acre.


Helping Your Performance Year Round

Grower Solutions


Aurora Cooperative offers a wide range of fertilizer products, including dry and liquid fertilizers. These products are designed to meet the specific needs of different crops and soil types.

Crop Protection

Our crop protection service provides comprehensive solutions to safeguard your crops against pests, diseases, and environmental stressors. 

Custom Application

We have a fleet of modern, high-capacity machines and trained operators to apply fertilizers accurately and efficiently. These services ensure the right amount of fertilizer is applied at the right time and in the right place.

Aerial Application

Our aerial and drone application services allow for quick and efficient application of crop protection products – no matter the location. We have the flexibility to provide
coverage on large fields as well as fields with obstacles.

Grid Soil Sampling

We highly encourage grid soil sampling your fields every year to help in understanding the nutrient needs of the soil. This information can be used to make more informed decisions about fertilizer use.

Tissue Sampling

Tissue sampling can help farmers optimize their nutrient management strategies in-season by identifying deficiencies and imbalances early. Action can be taken to improve crop health and overall yield.

AquaSpy Moisture Probe

The Aquaspy moisture probe offers accurate and efficient soil moisture monitoring, allowing farmers to optimize irrigation practices and maximize crop yields.