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Join us for our next Annual Meeting & Summit, where agricultural professionals converge to discuss the latest advancements in cooperative performance, cutting-edge industry technologies, and transformative strategies shaping the future of farming. From innovative cooperative models to groundbreaking tech solutions, join us as we explore the forefront of agricultural innovation, sharing insights, fostering collaboration, and charting the path to sustainable growth and success in the ever-evolving agricultural landscape.


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Featured | Intern
2024 Summer Intern: Wade Ohlson
Featured | Intern
2024 Summer Intern: Jaylea Pope
Featured | Intern
2024 Summer Intern: Ally Selting
2024 Summer Intern: Paul VanDeWalle
2024 Summer Intern: Brielle Hamer
2024 Summer Intern: Cody Dahl

Donations and Grants

Each year we invest in our local communities including schools, chambers, church activities, sporting teams, community groups, and FFA chapters through our donations program. We also have access to a matching grant program through Land O’Lakes, CHS, and CoBank that has the ability to support community projects that focus on education, hunger relief, and community vitality. The matching grant program is currently closed and will reopen in Spring 2025.


Investing in the future of agriculture, we are proud to offer scholarships to aspiring individuals passionate about advancing in the field. Our scholarship programs aim to support education and foster the development of future leaders in agriculture.

Complete this application by February 15, 2024 to be considered for the Aurora Cooperative scholarship opportunity.


Join precision agronomist Brandon Hamer weekly during the growing season for timely video updates on management solutions, insect and disease watch-outs, and overall crop health advice. In the “off-season” don’t miss a chance to dive into key topics more with our podcast.


The Elevate Grain Podcast

The Elevate Grain podcast is a valuable resource that provides in-depth analysis of the monthly USDA report. Each episode delves into the latest trends, statistics, and forecasts in the grain market, offering listeners insights that can help them make informed decisions. Whether you’re a farmer, trader, or simply interested in the agricultural sector, the Elevate Grain podcast is your go-to source for understanding the complexities of the grain market.

Allied Advantage Podcast

The Allied Advantage Podcast strives to bring you the
most up to date animal nutrition industry news and knowledge. This podcast, hosted by members of our animal nutrition team, shares information and ideas from industry experts and producers on the latest in practices and trends.