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Service Centers

Full Vehicle Repair Shop

Whether it’s something as simple as an oil change or something more complicated that needs our attention, we have the expert team and service you need to get you back on the road where you belong.

Light Vehicle Repair Shop

Merch Shop

Our service centers offer a wide range of hardware and tools, home and garden supplies, fencing supplies, agronomy merchandise such as sprayer parts and irrigation supplies, clothing, safety equipment – you name it, we got it.


Fully Equipped Tire Shops

Tire Service Center

Larger Tire

At our tire service center, we cater to a diverse range of vehicles, ensuring that every ride receives the best possible care. From passenger vehicles to light trucks, medium trucks, and agricultural equipment, our expert technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle any tire-related need. Whether it’s routine maintenance, tire replacement, or repair services, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results that prioritize safety, performance, and longevity. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for automotive innovation, we’re your trusted partner in keeping your larger vehicles rolling smoothly on the road.

Small Tire

In our tire service center, we believe that no tire is too small for our attention to detail. From dolly carts to bicycles, lawn and garden equipment to ATV/utility vehicles, we offer comprehensive tire services for a wide range of smaller vehicles and equipment. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to ensuring that every tire receives the care it deserves, whether it’s patching up punctures, mounting new tires, or performing routine maintenance. With a focus on precision and efficiency, we’re here to keep your smaller rides and equipment rolling safely and smoothly, so you can tackle any terrain with confidence.

Tire Shop Locations

Aurora Auto Wash

Revitalize your ride at our premium car wash! With cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly products, we ensure a spotless finish every time, while you relax and enjoy the convenience of our efficient service.

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